Striving to better the standard of football in Vietnam by bettering the standard of coaching in Vietnam, in turn, this betters the standard of players and improves the players chances of advancing in the world of football as well as in their life as a whole. We provide dedicated, motivated, elite and qualified coaches who can deliver the highest standard of coaching. The posses advanced tactics, technical know-how, physical awareness and a psychological know how to develop our players to a high standard.

We train our players through a specific, highly detailed “Pyramid of Development” system that focuses on an age appropriate curriculum, paying particular attention to squad sizes and formations, ensuring that player’s time on the ball is maximised. Our players are allowed to develop and mature through various stages of their own personal development, with set goals and achievable aspirations, in order to maximize the potential of each individual player.

We work towards being a name synonymous with quality, skill, strength, talent and flair. We are a base and a home to develop players who can hone their personal and interpersonal skills. Our attention is on the progression of our players as individuals and as team, both on and off the field of play.

We deliver a curriculum that provides our players with the best opportunity to advance in the game. We encourage self-expression, confidence, team-work, hard work and a positive attitude, for players of all ages, both boys and girls. This will allow them the best opportunities for the future, both on the field, as players, and also off the field as positive contributors to society.


Fox Football’s highly qualified and elite coaching team enables us to be a preeminent club in Vietnam, that is well respected and successful as well as being positive contributors to society.

We lead in the development of player’s ability, discipline, fitness, and sportsmanship with a strong sense of community spirit both on and off the field. Our desire to continually improve, innovate and lead will be impressed upon our players to make sure we are developing good people as much as we are developing good players.

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